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After an increase in demand for trained commercial masons, industry leaders began to lobby for a school that could provide thorough training in this profession. Their diligence paid off and the school was founded in 1993 with D Youngblood as President and Roger Wilson as the representative for North Lake College. Initially, it was a college level course that switched to the continuing education classification to ease up the cost and constraints that exist with college coursework. 

Ultimately, however, the decision was made to re-align the program with North Lake College. Mike Cooley was the Dean of Technology at the time. The school has trained thousands of successful masonry professionals since it began. The bricklayer/masonry course is a four semester program containing 80 hours per semester. This is typically completed in two years for a total of 320 hours. A certificate is issued at the time of completion and a copy can be provided to their sponsoring masonry contractor.


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