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2024 Golden Trowel Awards Banquet

Tuesday, June 13th @ 6:00 PM

The Westin- Southlake

1200 E State Hwy 114, Southlake, TX 76092

Learn more about the Golden Trowel Banquet here or on our calendar.  Registration will open soon.  


1.  Free Advertising

Yes, that's right, UMCA does not charge an entry fee. You get the chance to show off your project without paying for it. Every project's photos are shown at the banquet in front of your team, suppliers, other contractors and architects. Plus, the top two winners get their projects posted online and advance to the TMC Golden Trowel banquet.

2.  Photos 

This gives you an excuse to take photos of your projects. If you're like a lot of contractors and suppliers, you would like to have photos of your previous projects because you're proud of them. But you never remember. Here's a way to make sure you do.

3.  Recognize your team 

Your team works hard every day. I hear people talking about the industry bringing back pride. Invite your team's leaders in the field to show them how proud you are of their work. Want to see pride? Watch their faces when they see their projects come up on the screen. It's even better when they get to accept an award!

4.  Promote masonry with architects

Promoting masonry was the reason the awards were originally developed- to recognize architects for designing with masonry. They hold the power to design more work with masonry. Let's recognize those architects that continue to design with the best materials¬≠ Masonry!

5.  Thank your Supplier Partners 

None of your projects get done without materials and equipment. These companies are a vital part of making or breaking the projects. Let them celebrate with you.

6.  Thank your General Contractors/Construction Managers

You got the project done together. Celebrate it together. If you're a mason contractor, most likely the GCs and CMs are your customers. Take the time to thank them for partnering with you to make the project a success.

7. Awesome Award

Everyone loves getting awards. When you see them, you'll want one of your own for your company's display shelf!

Rules and Submission Information

You can find the Rules & Regulations, as well as the online submission form from Texas Masonry Council below.

A few tips for submission:

  • We have created a fillable PDF version of the entry form because it will help you to prepare your entry information before you enter it online.
  • Please be aware that you will need to have pictures before you enter the project because there is no way to say the project before it is submitted.  
  • The online form also does not have a way to "go back" to previous pages of the entry so please be sure to check your entry before hitting "Next." 
  • PLEASE NOTE:  You will still need to enter your entries online.  This form is ONLY to help you prepare to enter your project entry online.

We are hoping for each contractor to enter AT LEAST one entry each this year.  We encourage our supplier members to reach out to your contractors to help encourage them to enter projects that you know should be highlighted in this year's program.  Liz is willing to spend an hour with each contractor to help complete entry forms as well if this is helpful.  We can also help find you someone to take photographs of your project.    


A Golden Trowel Award and Honorable Mention are awarded for each of the following categories:

  • Single Family Residential:  Any residence or dwelling designed for occupation by single families, without restriction to square footage.
  • Multi Family Residential: Any residences or dwelling units designed for occupation by multiple families, i.e. apartments, condominiums, etc. 
  • Government & Institutional: Commercial buildings that are under the authority of state, city, school or hospital organization. Examples of this would be churches, hospitals, city or state properties, etc. 
  • Industrial & Commercial: Structures that are built for the purpose of retail, office, hotel, or warehouse/industrial function. 
  • College & University: Construction of any building (whether a residence facility, classroom, stadium, etc.) on a college or university campus. 
  • Primary & Secondary Education: Construction of any education building whether public or private, for the purpose of educating youth. 
  • Hardscape & Landscape: Construction that involves privacy fencing, entrances to parks, shopping or housing areas, plazas, retaining walls, etc. However, this does not include any occupiable space. This would be any masonry project that for the most part, is decorative and designed to enhance the environment. 
  • Restoration: Restoration includes any work to rehabilitate and/or renovate previously constructed masonry buildings. Before and after pictures must be provided with Nomination Form. 
  • Block: Any project (in any category) that involves the use of block, whether it be architectural block units or otherwise. At least 65% of the project must be block. If block is structural and not seen upon project completion please include photos during construction or project renderings. 
  • Everyday Excellence: Any developments of $500,000 or less in value (of the masonry contract). The nominations will be selected from among projects of a similar scale, size, and project type. 

We recognize that sometimes it is hard to determine which category a project should be submitted into, so if you are having a hard time deciding, please feel free to reach out to Liz Graves at 512.633.5437 or



Please feel free to contact us anytime!

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